What goes around comes around

  • by Gabi Yetter


Like sewing a patch onto an old pair of trousers, St.Wilfrid's Charity Shops are bringing old things to life. Or, in the words of Noel Coward, there's life in the old girl (and boy) yet!

 The retail branch of Eastbourne's much-loved hospice has launched a new arm: The Charity Boutique. Like all the other St. Wilfrid’s charity shops, the Boutique offers a way to fill a need rather than a space in a landfill, and provides a new way to recycle and upcycle. But this brand-new addition to the St. Wilfrid’s family goes one step further: it is a virtual storefront for more upscale and unique items than you’ll get in your corner shop. You’ll find a Tommy Hilfiger pink diamante bracelet watch, Madden Girl sparkly gold platform shoes, Pashmina shawls, and a brilliantly coloured Ted Baker poppy floral dress. There’s even a collection of home accessories and pre-loved children’s toys. It works rather like a matchmaker -- there's a foot for every shoe, a head for every hat, a wrist for every watch, and you can afford to refresh your wardrobe every season. 

 The St. Wilfrid's Charity Boutique is a win/win for all, as it happily accepts unwanted clothes (like the velvet mini dress you bought for the dance you never went to, and the pink satin trousers that seemed like a good idea at the time) and passes them on to a new owner. There's no better way of paying it forward than knowing your never-worn silver stilettos are going to someone who'll love them forever (or until they pass them along as well).

 And that's not all. The Charity Boutique provides a link between the local Eastbourne community where it was created and a national (and sometimes international) audience of shoppers who snap up tantalizing bargains. It’s the newest addition to an already popular string of St Wilfrid's shops as well as an Etsy shop and eBay presence where you can find vintage collectibles, antique jewellery, classic cameras, toy collections and much more.

 "We've had such a great response and are excited about the treasures that have been donated to our charity shop," said Anna, Community Shop Manager. "Since customers are looking for new and diverse way of shopping, our online shop provides the perfect alternative. And we're sustainable!"

  According to customers, the Charity Boutique is already a success. One said, "Very smooth online shopping experience; easy pick up and item exactly as described. Thank you, Charity Boutique. I'll be back."

Read about our online shop and about St. Wilfrid's Hospice Eastbourne, the charity to which we belong.

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